XANA Metaverse to Release CryptoNinja NFT Game!

Japan’s top NFT Brand is now coming to XANA’s NFTDuel GameFi, CryptoNinja and its family

XANA is the metaverse to provide the most robust utility for top IPs. On 28th January 2023, following ULTRAMAN and Astroboy, XANA’s first native gamefi, “NFTDuel,” launches its 3rd IP collaboration CryptoNinja for millions of NFT lovers.

Japan’s NFT market is the most rapidly growing NFT market recently, backed by its history as the no.1 country of anime and manga.

CryptoNinja family is its market-leading NFT collection led by its signature collection CNP, with over 73,000 ETH market cap.

XANA and the CryptoNinja family are Japan’s leading Web 3.0 brand, bringing the greatest web3.0 entertainment to the world. All the holders of XANA: Penpenz (feat. CryptoNinja) will have a primary whitelist to mint the NFTDuel CryptoNinja NFT game card on 28th January 2023. A pack contains 5 NFT cards inside. The holder can immediately start playing the game after minting.

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