XANA Achieves Another Milestone: DEEMO THE MOVIE NFTs Sold Out Immediately

A new form of movie merchandising where you can own a movie scene as your own NFT.

NOBORDER.z FZE (NOBORDER.z, Representative: RIO TAKESHI KUBO/hereafter NOBORDER.z), developer of the metaverse “XANA” is pleased to announce that Pony Canyon Inc. (President: Takashi Yoshimura) has produced and released the globally acclaimed DEEMO. The company sold 3,500 one-of-a-kind music NFTs, which combine the movie and music from “DEEMO Sakura no Oto – The Sound You Played Still Resonates -” on November 26 and 500 NFTs on November 27, and both sold out immediately.

The extremely popular music rhythm game “DEEMO” has been downloaded more than 28 million times worldwide. DEEMO Sakura no Oto – The Sound You Played Still Resonates -” a film adaptation of the much-talked-about work that has thrilled music game fans around the world, has been made by a team of leading Japanese directors. The movie was screened in Japan in February 2022, followed by screenings in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, and other countries and regions, including South Korea and North and Central America. This NFT collection is a one-of-a-kind collection that combines impressive scenes from the film in theatrical quality with the music from the film, which is based on a music game and has received a great response in various countries and regions. This NFT will be an item that takes full advantage of the international expansion of this film and maximizes the characteristics of the NFT, which allows anyone to purchase the item worldwide and to prove ownership of each one-of-a-kind item, rather than the previous merchandising that was only available in theaters.

Each of the 4,500 “DEEMO THE MOVIE NFT” issued (4,000 sold) is made up of a combination of animated and still images of scenes from the film and music from the original soundtrack, all to unique specifications, and no two NFTs will be the same. DEEMO THE MOVIE NFT was released on the XANA Launch Pad, with 3,500 sold on November 26th, selling out in 15 minutes, and the next day, November 27th, 500 NFTs sold out in just one minute.

Sale Method

Total number of NFTs issued: 4,500 (4,000 for sale)
Common (still image of a scene from a film + music from the soundtrack) total: 3,500
Rare (short video of a scene from a movie + music from the soundtrack) total: 1,000

Any 500 rare NFTs can be minted by combining (burning) any 5 common NFTs for 1 rare NFT.

Secondary distribution Sales can be done through XANALIA and OpenSea.


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