Playmining, A Web3 Entertainment Platform, Launches New Coin.


Lucky Farmer is part of a growing list of PlayMining Play and Earn (P&E) games where players earn DEAPcoin ($Io, Unswap, Bitmart, and more). The game is easy to play and great for casual players looking for quick entertainment during the gameplay.

‘Fever Time’ is triggered when the triple seven jackpot is hit, and the medals rain down in torrents. Fit in pet patterns in a slot machine activates a pet’s skills, which can trigger dropping crops or eggs on the field. Players can purchase NFTs from a PlayMining NFT marketplace or an in-game Lucky Box.

The marketplace also sells premium artwork NFT from some of the hottest creators in the japan videogame and anime industries. DEA signed on for Web3 with Rakuten Group, another big name in Japanese web3. DEA recently signed up with TV Tokyo to promote NFT gaming in Japan.

PlayMining develops many of its games but also partners with third-party game studios. PlayMining NFT also pays out royalties to official IP owners and fan artists. It has paid out over SG$ 9 million in royalties. DEA is proud to be at the forefront of the Play and Earn movement that rewards players for participation.

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