SmarterWorx (ARTX) Finds Lucrative Niche In Art Market As Opposed To GameFi Tokens MANA And ALICE


A wide range of cryptocurrency projects serve a range of niches and cater to a range of uses. As for tokens, there are Defi tokens, NFTs, stablecoins, and utility coins. There is a goldmine of cryptocurrency niches and the arts, for example, as well as cryptocurrency games and cryptocurrency real estate.

The Art Niche

The integration of the art market into the cryptocurrency sector showcases both material and immaterial goods of the highest quality. Depending on who you are, people utilize the arts for different reasons and have different meanings.  It is estimated that the global art market will be worth $450 billion in 2023.

Moreover, many investors will diversify their portfolios with art pieces. For many years, the art industry has been one of the best investment categories. People frequently withdraw money from the stock market to invest in the arts during recessions because the arts serve as an essential hedge for investors. It was a wise decision for the SmarterWorx team to focus its project on the lucrative investment niche that art represents.

The SmarterWorx

The SmarterWorx project pioneers crypto in the art industry. Investing in cryptocurrencies and art is possible through the platform. Unlike other companies that only cater to crypto enthusiasts, SmarterWorx is inclusive.

ARTX, the native token of Smarterworx, is the first cryptocurrency asset backed by a real-world asset. As a result, arts maintain the floor price of its coin during times of volatility, fear, or uncertainty. Therefore, ARTX is recession-proof and protected from market crashes.

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