Catheon Gaming partners with Chainlink Labs & boosts nextGen GameFi dApps


According to a blog post of Catheon Gaming, the community has established a channel in partnership with Chainlink. This collaboration aims to accelerate the adoption of GameFi. Catheon Gaming and Chainlink are now seeking to connect their respective ecosystems with Oracle services and ecosystems.

To ensure the success of projects within the ecosystem, Chainlink and Catheon Gaming will collaborate on different aspects of marketing.

Under Catheon Gaming’s announcement, projects demonstrating the most innovation, ambition, and promise will be considered for the channel partnership program. As a real-time data provider and off-chain computation provider, Chainlink comes into the picture.

According to William Wu, Co-Chief Executive Officer, the collaboration will enable Catheon Gaming’s ecosystem to build more reliable and performant projects. By joining forces with Chainlink Labs, William Wu said that the venture would benefit from faster adoption through marketing and technical support.

This development comes as part of the GameFi Accelerator Program, which guides participants on five blockchain aspects:

  • Marketing Plan

  • Experience

  • Donations

  • Strengthening

  • Operations

GameFi Accelerator Program runs for 8 weeks. It is run by Catheon Gaming, with Chainlink providing mentorships, panel discussions, and workshops. The program is currently developing, with a tentative start date of 2023.

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