Lithosphere Blockchain Announces to Burn 100T Shiba Inu


Lithosphere developers are taking a keen interest in the SHIB Metaverse. They’ve pledged to burn 100 Trillion (with a T) Shiba Inu to increase its value for the users.

SHIB Metaverse is meant to revolutionize how we view metaverse projects in general. Finesse: Shadow Warriors is an upcoming P2E title on the SHIB Metaverse with an already-established fan base.

Burning so many Shiba Inu tokens all but guarantees that the title will have an impact on the overall P2E landscape.

SHIB and LUNC will be supported in the game. This means users will have to exchange their tokens for native ones for these to buy NFTs and other stuff in the game.

The game will be available on Android and Web browsers, so you can access it easily.

Will there be more titles on the SHIB Metaverse?

It all depends on how well the Finesse title performs.

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