Cheelip Ong –Lion & Lion– on 2023 and its potential


Cheelip Ong, Regional Chief Creative Officer at Lion & Lion, talks about the future of entertainment.

The metaverse will be a huge part of decisions. 3D content will be created in abundance for better interactions and immersive experiences. New libraries will be added to the mix to enrich the Web3 and metaverse experience.

Social media platforms will be under scrutiny. Not from authorities but everyday users. Users will expect more transparent interactions without the shady stuff. Telegram and Discord communities are rising, showing how we want to interact moving forward.

And the last thing he touches upon is the voice-generated ad section. Instead of typing out everything, users can tell their devices what they want. This is important because people who are not comfortable typing can use the latest tech without hindrance.

To end this, we’d like to congratulate Ong on his engagement and expect 2023 to be a year full of happiness for him.

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