Metaverse market size to grow at a rate of 39.3%


Metaverse is leaving a massive mark on the financial world.

Valued at over USD 38 Billion in 2021, the metaverse is expected to grow into a USD 680 Billion industry by 2030.

This isn’t unheard of in the tech industry. Still, we’re optimistic that these numbers will grow even more. Tech giants are showing interest in the concept. And once they all jump, we may see these projections balloon up.

Undoubtedly these ballooned-up stats will come down, but they will still be higher than the proposed ones here.

Metaverse doesn’t have much in the name of competition. Mainly because those who could be competition, like social platforms, are the ones pouring money into the metaverse concept.

So everything seems aligned for robust growth.

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