Trump Is Now Selling His Own Superhero NFTs – After Thrashing Bitcoin For Being A ‘Scam’

You will need to buy an NFT for 99 dollars at a posh resort in palm beach, Florida. If you want to spend some time off with a former American president, then this is your chance. He once had a low opinion of cryptocurrencies and described them as potentially “a disaster waiting to happen” he made what he called an “important announcement” on Thursday.

He said the former united states commander in chief in aIt was better than Lincoln, better than Washington, it added an important announcement. Each NFT card has an automatic chance to win amazing prizes, “like dinner with me!”

He’s got his social app and is taking another crack at the presidency. The u. s.  has a lot of money to spend on Crypto, but it’s not a big deal. He accepts credit card payments and Ethereum payments. He says his NFTs make a great gift this Christmas. The guy with the white pompadour said he didn’t think we should have all the bitcoins out there.

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