Wemade expands GameFi service for the growth of WEMIX PLAY Ecosystem


The Wemade blockchain gaming platform, WEMIX PLAY, is releasing an expanded GameFi service to promote the growth of the gamefi ecosystem. Due to GameFi’s swap service, users can instantly exchange game tokens for pWEMIX$ in response to changes in the value of WEMIX. A certain ratio of the transaction fee obtained by staking game tokens and pWEMIX$ can also increase assets.

Further, REFLECT is the first game token on WEMIX.Fi. Moreover, it’s a synthetic token of WEMIX PLAY. REFLECT is a synthetic token that is created by combining tokens that are registered with the REFLECT Alliance.Users can get this newly registered game token via airdrop, and REFLECT also intends to increase its value following the synthetic token. With its unique linkage, the game’s growth leads to the growth of REFLECT and then to the growth of the platform.

Our company, Wemade, will link the interoperability of its mega-ecosystem and its economy across ecosystems by listing REFLECT on WEMIX.Fi. In contrast, WEMIX PLAY, which aims to be an open blockchain gaming platform, provides a wide range of blockchain-based services. Moreover, it includes information about onboarded games, NFTs, auctions, and DeFi services such as tokens, REFLECT, swap, and stake.

As the world’s leading blockchain gaming platform, it continues to offer P2E games of diverse genres since its launch in July 2022. As part of the WEMIX PLAYER, users can donate various tokens to influencers through an app player and donation system.

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