Teen Brands Embracing Metaverse

teen brands

Meta might have brought the word metaverse to the general public. But it’s the brands that are doing all the labor to make it a household name. Teen brands are the ones doing the most.

Gen Z is aware of the virtual spaces, and they know that metaverse will be a huge thing for this generation. That’s why they’re making every effort to be relevant in the metaverse scene.

Brands are moving to Roblox and other metaverses to appear hip and in tune with the audience. They’re also leveraging the fact of free entry. These metaverses don’t have a paywall, so anyone can join them. And they have a huge audience too. So the overall experience is a great one for the brands.

Nike and other big brands have made a mark in the virtual space already. So having teen brands in the scene makes everything much more exciting.

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