LiveMe is Introducing More Immersive Experience for Its Viewers


On LiveMe’s annual ceremony, CEO Yuki He had a lot to say about the user experience. He even released a new slogan, My Stage, My Crowd – hinting towards a metaverse-like experience.

To achieve that, LiveMe is planning to introduce a number of innovations. All of these innovations and changes are catered towards three goals. Building a strong community around LiveMe, ensuring a better user experience, and encouraging partners to invest in the firm.

LiveMe is providing people with a stage to showcase their talents via the platform. These will include metaverse avatars. LiveMe is a popular platform that many people use. So it makes sense for them to transition towards a more inclusive environment.

Metaverse could be a game changer for them as they will be among the first ones to bring the metaverse concepts to the mainstream media.

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