China’s top digital artist fuses new genre with traditional culture

China's top digital artist fuses new genre with traditional culture

China has its own rising NFT artist, Song Ting, who mixes artificial intelligence technology with traditional art poetry drama. Her work reimagines traditional Chinese culture. Psychedelic digital recreation of a Buddha statue from the Mogao Grottoes.

She makes the statue dance using Adobe, Blender, and Unity software. Inspired by the classic Chinese play The Peony Pavilion, it was sold by the auction house for 667,000 yuan, or $105,000, in 2021. The song states that if we get a metaverse, it should be about real human connections. Song started making her art from classics she read as a child.

In 2020, she exhibited in Beijing, The Re Cyborg Cathedral, and Bazaar. It was the first blockchain-based AI art exhibition in china with AI art created by humans and algorithms. Song Ting, A still from the immersive play Peony Dream, was a member of the cast of acclaimed Chinese playwrights. The play is based on a novel by the same name by tong ting.

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