Metaverse Becoming a Part of CES 2023

ces 2023

CES 2023 is the annual gathering of tech enthusiasts. They discuss the newest trends and how to leverage those for better results.

Last year, metaverse was mentioned but didn’t get a booth for itself. This year, the technology will be at the center (literally) of CES.

Web3 and Blockchain will also take center stage with Metaverse. Gaming, more precisely GameFi, will also be a part of the talks. Many pioneers will be featured in the discussions; one of those is Brett Leonard – the director of Lawnmower Man.

Central Hall of the CES 2023 will be an exciting arena for these promising technologies. If you had a good time discussing the metaverse during CES 2022, this would be a new experience.

Streaming wars, gaming, fashion, luxury, and so much more – metaverse encompasses so much. So if you’re in town, visit the booths at CES 2023 with Metaverse written over them.

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