Is Crypto Market Making a Comeback?

crypto market

The crypto market was down and counted out. Some were saying that the world doesn’t need crypto, not yet. And 2022 was proving them right. Many crypto projects were lost in obscurity, while others were barely hanging on.

At the start of 2023, we were hoping to see something different. For sure, we did. Crypto is up from its previous valuation.

The global crypto market increased to $806.11 billion, a 0.94% jump. This may not seem like much, but it’s the trend. If it continues, we’ll see a domino effect, and the value may even reach its peak in 2021.

Enough of the speculations, positive ones.

Let’s see how each coin did in the last 24 hours. Starting with Bitcoin, which traded at $16,693 – a 0.28% jump from its previous value. It has yet to reach the 17k mark, but we’re hopeful.

Ethereum is another currency that witnessed a jump. It grew by 1.17% to $1214. This is good for the whole crypto landscape because Ethereum is the basis of so many blockchains.

Solana witnessed a sharp increase of +14.07% and traded for $11.25.

Coming to meme coins, we see a positive trend there too. Dogecoin, for example, grew by 2.16% while Shiba Inu traded at 0.93% higher than its previous value.

Metaverse coins were also seen enjoying the positive trends. Decentraland was up by 2.96%, while The Sandbox jumped 3.71%.

Here’s hoping this positive trend continues and strengthens the crypto market as a whole.

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