Chinese Brands Top the Qatar World Cup Charts

chinese brands

Qatar held the World Cup. But it was China and Chinese brands that took center stage.

These brands have been in the talks ever since the World Cup commenced. The 2022 Qatar World Cup Brand Power Index shows how brands leveraged the World Cup to strengthen their place.

Three distinct criteria were chosen for the power index. These were:

Brand mentions – how many times a brand was mentioned in the World Cup.

Brand communication – how well the brand communicated its core message to its audience.

Brand reputation – how people perceive the brand as a whole.

Chinese brands were topping the charts in all three criteria. China Mobile was in second place, while Douyin was in third place.

China Railway, an unlikely entry, was in the ninth position.

These brands were in the top 10 because they had a massive role in making World Cup 2022 a success.

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