Web3 brands are using TikTok and apps to reach mass consumers


RSTLSS was created by Charlie Cohen, using apps and TikTok to bring groups together. The fashion brand launched on December 15 after raising $35 million in march from investors such as Paris Hilton, an angel investor. Since then, it has minted 1,000 NFT keys through an app.

RSTLSS Jacket is a digital collectible and a designer skin wearable across gaming platforms, including the Roblox avatar platform Ready Player MeIt, which could also be the key to future launches. The only app unlocks the AR lenses so users can try on the digital jacket. The physical jacket NFC chip can only be scanned through the app .  the app is expected to be released later this year with a Tamagotchi-like element that will be native to the app, as well.

The gaming space is one of the only spaces where consumers natively exist digitally. Roblox studios, like House of Blueberry, and creators like Salam James Jordan have built profitable businesses by working with brands. With further gaming integration, creator economy elements, and new social media approaches, Cohen thinks the user base will expand to be more inclusive.

RSTLSS is reaching platforms such as anime, KPop, and social media, not just Roblox. A lot of skepticism on TikTok over web3 and NFTs, as well as among the game we will be working to shift that narrative.

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