Rising GameFi Star of 2023: Bless Global with Innovative P2O Model and Over 2 Million Pre-Registered Players


Bless Global has reached a milestone of 2 million preregistered players. Day 1 retention in the beta test is 94%, with an average online time of 218 minutes. PC and mobile versions are due out in January. The p2e integrated model Bless Global is scheduled to make a massive move on the Global GameFi Chess Board. The AAA MMORPG boasts epic storytelling and console-level graphics.

Players can put their characters, gear, mounts, skins, and stuff into NFTs. The initial launch of $BLEC on pancakeswap occurred on Jan 5, 2023.  90% of it will be released yearly and minted in the game by players. The remaining 10% is reserved for marketing, liquidity provision, staking rewards, etc.

PocketBuff is launching the AAA title Bless Global. Players can preregister at the store or the official website to get all the corestals and in-game goodies. You can use pocketbuff to buy NFTs in the game and special Mystery Boxes. GameFi has partnerships with the following entities already.

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