Technology Trend: What to expect from 2023?

technology trend

2022 was a turbulent year, to say the least. But here we are, starting 2023 with new enthusiasm. So what can we expect from technology trends in 2023?

Will we see a warm reception for new technologies? Will old concepts make a comeback? Or will we see a mix of both worlds?

Artificial Intelligence

One area of technology that is shaping our daily lives is artificial intelligence. AI isn’t here to steal our jobs, but it sure is making us worried.

Areas it can impact include everything. You can’t escape it on an individual level or on the big-tech scale. Companies are using it to make their processes efficient. While individuals use it to impress fellows and create AI art.


It may have lost some of its steam. But the metaverse is still a huge technology trend. META lost billions of dollars in developing the first mega-scale metaverse. But in the process, it gave the metaverse a new life. Now mainstream audiences at least know about the concept – even if they don’t understand the concept itself.

The metaverse is going to be more accessible and even more immersive as the years go by. In 2023, we’ll see some key players introduce their technology to complement the idea.


Carbon recapture and other sustainability methods will be more prevalent in 2023. We’re moving towards a future where global warming will be a catalyst for many technologies.

But these technologies need to come fast and be as efficient as possible because there’s no time.

Semiconductor Wars

Semiconductors are becoming a rare commodity as more nations try to harness their power. China and USA will be at each other’s throats while other nations will also be involved in the digital war.

Mobile phones and other smart devices will require more semiconductors than ever. So a country that has these in abundance will be victorious.


The Internet of Things has been a top technology trend for quite some time. This year, the main focus will be on interoperability. Using devices from various manufacturers without cumbersome controls will be an area of focus.


Let’s see where 2023 takes technology.

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