Polygon: Whale Shuffles 9M MATIC Tokens To Binance


An unknown big holder has transferred 9 million tokens worth roughly $8 million to Binance. It has been on an accumulation spree as its address. The average receiving price is one dollar. The ten-ranked token positively kicked off the new year, rising by over 11% in the first week of January. It has been due to the Ethereum whales purchasing it. The coin is now on their top 10 most-bought coins list.

It’s now on top of their list of the most-purchased coins in the world. The coins are now on the list of their most-used and most-loved coins. The savage streaming app has landed a collaborative deal with the Electronic and Smart Appliance Technology giant Samsung. The technology is based on layer two of blockchain technology. It will be able to provide Web3 users with the highest-quality images and videos.

MasterCard will launch the Mastercard Artist Accelerator on the Polygon blockchain. The purpose is to teach musicians how to advance their careers by forging fan connections. In early 2022, the Sandbox announced it would join the polygon network.

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