Is human psychology capable of saving blockchain gaming?


In blockchain gaming, NFTs have drawn mixed reactions, including backlash and criticism. What can the sector do to meet the needs of gamers better? Even then, the arrival of NFTs into the game-making scene drew various reactions, from major publisher enthusiasm to gaming backlash.

Blockchain-based technology’s first case study has revealed that finding a use case (or use cases) within the gaming industry requires a bit more nuance than in the art industry. In the gaming industry, the challenge is to develop innovative and interactive games. Additionally, it will enhance the gaming experience rather than annoy players. Utilizing a sustainable model for NFTs and play-to-earn (P2E). Human psychology can offer insights into how to establish such a model.

The focus of NFT games tends to be on what they intend to accomplish or what niche they intend to fill. However, developers and studios should consider the type of players they intend to target. As mobile gaming and console gaming compete for an ever-growing group of cross-over gamers. It is vital to understand the different classifications of gamers to better integrate NFTs into games in a manner that entices rather than irritates customers.

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