Scandi brands Rotate and Remain launch in the metaverse

Scandi brands Rotate and Remain launch in the metaverse

Ifland was launched in July 2021 by SK Telecom, South Korea’s largest mobile provider. Sister brands Rotate and Remain, both spinoffs of the 150-year-old Birger Christensen brand, are leveraging the metaverse for brand awareness. The idea was to digitize the Danish lifestyle industry and turn it into a more circular economy. Many European digital fashion retailers, such as DressX and The Dematerialised, are world leaders.

Dress X is the biggest platform for AR fashion from brands other than Snap. The limited edition physical NFT sold for 800€[866] within minutes. Users could use AR after the catwalk to try on the item. It is available in over 120 stores in 35 countries, including Ssense, Browns, Netaporter, Selfridges, and others. The ministry of science and I C Tech said it plans to spend at least 186 million to create a metaverse ecosystem. The Seoul Metropolitan Government wanted to build Metaverse Seoul by 2023.

More than 48% of subscriptions are on the Internet, which shows that metaverse services appeal to the young generation who can utilize online services. The largest Korean metaverse platform has 15m to 20m active global monthly users. It’s also popular in the U.  S. Brazil. “as a native web3 company, the collaboration with SK Telecom allowed us to hit the ground running,” says Christensen.

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