Ushering in a new era of Web3 gaming


A service economy is more approachable to gamers who do not wish to invest to earn while playing. The Web3 gaming sector often employs unsustainable play-to-earn economic models.

2021 will mainly be famous for the explosive price appreciation across crypto assets and NFTs. Still, blockchain gaming has also overgrown over 50% of all blockchain activity.

In most Web3 games, players get rewards for their efforts, time, and achievements using a play-to-earn (P2E) economic design. P2E Web3 games combine core gameplay with economic mechanics. These are rewarding gamers in the form of NFTs or native tokens on the platform.

In bear markets, however, this model has proven to be highly unsustainable. It is leading Web3 gaming entrepreneurs to opt for a hybrid solution incorporating fungible tokens (FTs) and NFTs. Due to its fungible economics, this generation of Web3 games offers greater liquidity. Whereas, after getting superseded by a revolutionary economic design that could contribute to the sustainability of the P2E Web3 gaming industry.

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