Metaverse’s full scale vision is likely 10 years away.

Metaverse's full scale vision is likely 10 years away.

The Metaverse’s full-scale vision is likely over ten years away, Nasscom and McKinsey said in a report on Tuesday. Early adoption, but early adoption is similar to AI and the internet at their early stages, they said. Despite ongoing economic and environmental crises, people are choosing joy. Companies are testing Metaverse to reach generation Z and Generation A, consumers early in their digital journeys.

The use cases are seen across three critical themes customer interaction, employee interaction, and production and design. Emerging global demand is reflected in the approach being taken by Tech services providers. They are developing internal use cases, expanding to serve client needs, identifying replicable markets across verticals, investing in targeted offerings, driving POCs with clients, and forming metaverse teams with talent across service lines.

Report: $120 billion worth of Metaverse-based investments made in the first half of 2022. report: people only know that it’s been so great in recent years. “Metaverse” has been around for nearly two decades, the report says. Facebook renamed itself to meta to emphasize the company’s focus on metaverse technologies. Recent news says there is a growing consensus about the defining characteristics of the technology.

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