Kryptomon, P2E Firm Signs Strategic Marketing Agreement With Habbo X


Cryptomon is a web3 play-and-earn gaming business that announces a new marketing partnership with Habbo X.

It is the upcoming game from the Habbo Hotel designers that emphasizes community, compatibility, and play-and-earn features. By partnering, two of the most innovative & intriguing web3 gaming organizations will come together to bring exciting events.

These companies have joined forces to celebrate Kryptomon’s treasure hunt game, Pink Moon. Kryptomon will use Habbo in this month’s “Pink Moon” event as part of the cooperation. Players will use the GPS location to locate in-game objects in this game.

Besides the monthly event’s usual rewards, participants will also receive unique co-branded t-shirts, hoodies, and an NFT variant of the co-branded hoodie.

On Sunday, February 5th, at 3 PM UTC, Kryptomon x Habbo x Pink Moon Treasure Hunt will begin and conclude. Moreover, to participate in the activity, register on the event’s main page by February 1st at 22:00 UTC. In addition, install the mobile app from Google Play and Apple’s TestFlight.

On February 7th, Habbo will host a Kryptomon-themed After Party Room in its metaverse for its audience of enthusiastic gamers.

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