How NFTs could evolve for brands – now that marketers know what they actually are.

How NFTs could evolve for brands — now that marketers know what they actually are

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have been a bust for the marketing and media worlds. The current era allows marketers and agencies to utilize Web3 technology. Moebius is the CEO of SmartMedia Technologies, a company with around 100 people. We’ve spent the last five years building an enterprise Web3 platform that’s purpose-built for agencies, brands, and creators.

We have a two-tap custodial wallet, so anyone using their smartphone can have their first web3 wallet and acquire their first NWe. Currently, there are over six million wallets on the platform. Addressable wallets are less focused on addressable emails in their email database. Addresses can be accessed from various devices, such as smartphones or tablets. If you fly Delta or United, you get lifetime status.

Imagine that my lifetime status becomes an NFT that I can hand down to my son or daughter. You will always have that ticket if you scan and redeem an NFT code. It will change states and become digital merchandise or a coupon for $2 off coke at the concession stand. When Mick Jagger is on stage, he will sing this song and say, This song’s for you. The stones will be able to sell those on secondary sales, and some of that is going to their favorite charity. The metaverse is one of the topics where we focus a lot of our tech for the platform this year. We believe that the future of metaverse environments is to help augment retail in the brand buying experience.

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