From PAK to Fewocious, these are the top NFT artists around the world

From PAK to Fewocious, these are the top NFT artists around the world

The world of nonfungible tokens is relatively new in itself. Exclusive ownership, the authenticity of an item, digital artworks, collectibles, real estate, music, and even its digital currency. Dedicated marketplaces and online galleries house some of the most famous NFT collections for you to choose from and buy. Pak released the art collection Merge On Nifty Gateway in December 2021.

Eight million is one of the most expensive collections in NFT. Beeple broke all records in march 2021 for the most costly NFT art sold. Xcopy, a renowned digital art creator, has made his presence feel like a brilliant artist. His famous Right Click Save as Guys NFT was a significant hit and was lapped up by Snoop Dogg for a reported price. The series results from Siraj Hassan’s love for glass and snow globes.

Elric Calderon, or Snowfro, is touted as one of the best-known NFT artists and digital artists. He started Art Blocks in November 2020 and has been a massive star. The most famous NFT collection to his credit is Fidenza, which was credited in October of 2021. Hobbs is renowned for his generative art, and his other collection Incomplete Control, was sold for USD seven million before it officially dropped.

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