Real-World Gaming Village: How Undercity is Changing VR Gaming

Real-World Gaming Village: How Undercity is Changing VR Gaming

Undercity is bringing a revolutionary approach to web3 into the real world. It is a project that bridges the digital and real worlds creating the world’s first gamer village. The village will be where blockchain players can meet to re-imagine Web 3. Undercity1 is a french web3 village that welcomes gamers, roleplayers, and cosplayers. The facility consists of 10,000 m2 of space that contains separate areas for specific activities.

The virtual reality room will allow you to play your favorite games using the hoop technology. Undercity aims to create a decentralized community by blending the web3 gaming space with the natural world gaming village. The first gaming product from the team will be a blockchain-based virtual reality role-playing first-person shooter metaverse. Once 57 million UND tokens are sold, the price will increase to $043 in stage two.

The presale price will continue to grow until stage 5, which will price the token at $0. It is 87. Undercity wanted to make sure that UND was not only a finance token. Undercity is pushing the gaming industry to the next level and ruminating about developers, creators, and actors of games.

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