Announces the Developing of a Solana Based NFT Ecosystem with Real World Utilities

NFT is building the first complete NFT metaverse ecosystem that is exclusive to the Solana blockchain.  It aims to improve capital efficiency and preserve NFT ownership, bridging the gap between CeFi and DeFi. 

Cryptorare uses virtual reality and digital metaverse for its work. Io plans to incentivize users for every trade made on the marketplace.  The ecosystem of Solana NFT is growing rapidly, with great interoperability, low fees, and rapid transactions. 

 Io believes in ownership through distribution with fractionalization of NFTs. Io is introducing a customizable merchant NFT feature.  The rare merchant feature enables you to simplify the tokenization and monetization of intellectual property.  Rare world Cryptorare’s Metaverse features a variety of virtual experiences that can be played to earn action and exclusive token rewards. Io Sourav Samantara is the CEO of cryptorare.  

He says the metaverse will become the main escape path from the real world.  Cryptorare supports building a meta world that unblocks human desires without judgment. The io community contains the full Metaverse ecosystem including 3D virtual reality experiences and a secondary NFT marketplace.  

The platform helps to build and distribute content in the vast NFT landscape.  It is also planning to bridge the gap between centralized and decentralized financial systems with its strategic partnership with Solana Pay.

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