CHEELEE Becomes TOP-1 Among NFT and GameFi Projects 2023


Considering its growth rate, 2023 promises to be an even hotter year for digital gaming. People monetized their gaming skills by using NFT technology and Play-to-Earn models, which led to the sector’s growth.

Cheelee, a new project, aims to increase the crypto audience from 320 million to half of the world’s population over the next few years. Its goals are extremely ambitious.

What is Cheelee?

A blockchain-based short video platform, Cheelee rewards users for watching videos through Watch-and-Earn mechanics.

Cheelee’s main advantage over competitors is that each participant earns here. When you register, you get NFT glasses that allow you to earn for watching an adaptable feed. Every hour you watch a video, a box drops out with tokens. You can exchange tokens for fiat or other cryptocurrencies on special platforms.

Economy of Cheelee

A key reason for Cheelees’ economic sustainability is diversified income sources. As with other GameFi projects where NFTs provide the majority of income, Cheelee also contributes 70% of ad revenue and in-app purchases to the stability fund. With the stability fund, token trading will be more resilient to market storms and investor mood swings.


There are 4.6 billion people on social networks today, and TikTok is the most popular. By the unlock time, Cheelee’s token will make x1000 by the unlock time, making it the largest cryptocurrency and GameFi project in history. Its market value will reach $100 billion even if it attracts only a fifth of TikTok users in its first two years. The benefits that Cheelee brings to its users cannot be compared to any other platform.

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