Move Digital Fully Committed To Metaverse and GameFi


Move Digital, a blockchain advisory company, has announced that it will focus entirely on the development and deployment of Metaverse. Moreover, it includes GameFi applications for the consumer market in 2023.

The company has previously offered white-label development services and support for blockchain-focused gaming applications in Asia. Move Digital’s founder, Kristof Schöffling, has formed agreements with family offices in London, Monaco, and Zurich. The purpose is to help them navigate the shift towards virtual worlds and deploy millions of dollars in USD capital.

Schöffling believes that mainstream adoption of Metaverse gaming environments will be driven in part by the COVID-19 pandemic’s acceleration of the shift towards virtual worlds for social engagement. Move Digital’s commitment to Metaverse and GameFi applications reflects the larger trend of social interaction taking place within lifelike digital environments.

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