Historic Bitcoin development enables support of NFTs

Artsy Monke is making history as the first official 10,000-unit NFT collection to launch its art on the Bitcoin blockchain. Their cutting-edge technology and AI are used to create unique pieces on the Bitcoin network, and the new collection is expected to launch in the US on a Thursday in 2023. With a wide variety in style and subject matter, there’s something to appeal to art lovers and NFT collectors of all tastes and preferences.

This groundbreaking move follows the success of their Ethereum-based collection, which has already attracted a legion of loyal fans. Artsy Monke is setting the bar for innovation and creativity in NFTs, as 10,000 units have been collected on the blockchain since July.

Their commitment to expanding their brand in exciting new ways, including AI art, can keep them on top of the digital art scene. The launch of this Bitcoin blockchain collection marks the first time AI art has been created in the US and is a part of the growing digital art industry.

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