Revived Department Store from Bygone Era

Revived Department Store

The Longmans property in Colwyn Bay, designed by architect Sidney Colwyn Foulkes in 1930, has been transformed.  Previously, it was a forgotten department store. Now it becomes a contemporary gallery called ink. Gallery.

The gallery aims to break down barriers in the art world and showcase a diverse range of contemporary and local artists. The British Business Bank Start Up Loans program provided £30,000 in loans to co-founders Rob Bebbington and Luke Dalton. It is helping to facilitate the renovation of the Longmans Building.

The gallery will also feature a permanent coffee shop, film screenings and live music performances. Moreover, it includes an art supply shop, and workshops open to the local community. The founders plan to create a digital version of the gallery in Facebook’s forthcoming Metaverse, where people can buy artworks as NFTs.

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