GameFi: Empowering Players to Truly Own Their Gaming Experience – Interview with Julien Couderc, CEO of Stradall


Stradall, a new automotive crypto game trading platform, has been launched. It allows users to generate income from playing games by employing the Play to Own (P2O) approach. The platform uses the ownership of actual assets. They can represent through NFT cards, to create complete in-game value mechanics that set it apart from its competitors.

Stradall proposes an advanced value-generating system that allows users to own in-game assets and earn real-world value from them. The P2O model allows users to earn daily royalties generated through the sales of cards on the primary and secondary markets. It’s a shift from the traditional Pay to Play (P2P) model.

NFTs play a key role in the GameFi platform. The company ensures fairness and transparency by using advanced algorithms and data analytics to monitor game play and detect any instances of cheating or unfair play.

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