Japan’s Metaverse. An Open Platform For The Future

Many big Japanese companies are teaming up to build an open metaverse. Fujitsu, a provider of information technology services, announced in a press release on February 27 that it was collaborating with 9 other companies.

The interoperable metaverse structure will expand the japan metaverse economic zone. Under that deal, the parties will integrate their respective technology and services in order to establish Ryugukoku. The business involves gamification, fintech, and iCT. The japan metaverse economic zone.

The ultimate integration of multiple metaverse services and platforms made accessible to Japanese users. The agreement also mentions the potential for providing similar infrastructure in the future to businesses and governments outside of Japan. It is the first time a metaverse platform has been integrated into a US system.

Users will get help developing gamified metaverse experiences via the pegasus world kit. Multi magic passports offer means of identification and payment to promote interoperability across the metaverse.

The company plans to launch in October. Japan is seeking to adopt web3 nationwide. The prime minister says nation would invest in digital transformation services. Plans to create a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) in November 2022 to help government agencies move to Web3.

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