GameFi Is the future any good?


Blockchain and gaming were a match made in heaven. But this match has become ugly over the past year or so.

The decline of the play-to-earn model and wipeout of capital from the crypto space has hit gameFi particularly hard. Metacade is on the way to joining a second wave of gaming, says Russell

He says they need to learn from their first wave’s mistakes. We talk about how many projects failed. The bear market as a whole was an unavoidable topic, as it tends to be.

Russell replied to what it is like launching a project amid this crypto winter and what he is noticing compared to last year. Whether or not the industry can recover was also a part of the discussion. Russel also shared his bit about native tokens and whether launching without one was a consideration. Crypto has seen a year of ups and downs, not more so than those who run games.

Will Gamefi recover as an industry? Share your thoughts.

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