Infodriver Capital Launches Fund for DeFi, GameFi, and AI Startups


Infodriver Capital, an investment company, is seeking experienced and accredited investors with a minimum investment of $100,000. The investment strategy charges only 5% investments and diversifies the total portfolio of the startups from Seed to A round with a working revenue model and user base.

The company’s growth hacking approach also provides value-added services such as fundraising assistance, business development, co-promotion, and influence marketing. The CEO, Kirill Mishanin, believes that investing in startups in the Web3 space is a wise decision as it is the future of the internet.

Infodriver Capital has already identified several promising startups, including Certhis wallet, Aspis DAO, Banger’s gaming DeFi, Toscale’s super app, Main’s community-building platform, Stage’s music-fans for Zen Z, and Babylon Voice for Metaverse as Media Wallet with Digital ID – VoicePrint.

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