PlayMining Launches Product Placement NFT Advertising Solution


Digital Entertainment Asset (DEA), a global Web3 entertainment company based in Singapore, has launched an advertising solution called Product Placement NFTs. This solution allows companies and individuals to create original NFTs on the PlayMining GameFi platform. Companies can integrate branded products into content in an organic manner, capturing audiences through a sophisticated advertising technique. These NFTs will not only serve as promotional tools but also have utility within PlayMining games, making them valuable assets that can be sold and distributed to the 2.7 million users on the platform.

By offering NFTs with utility, companies can expect higher user interest and engagement than traditional advertising methods. Users can organically interact with the product or service during their usual gaming experience, reducing the risk of unpleasant advertising damaging a brand’s image. This solution offers an ambitious approach to securing effective advertising and business revenue simultaneously. PlayMining offers a large and vibrant community, making it an appealing platform for brands considering product placement advertising.

DEA has several high-profile Web3 partnerships with Rakuten Group, Yield Guild Games Southeast Asia (YGG SEA), and TV Tokyo. PlayMining has a catalog of casual P&E titles, allowing players to earn DEP through play. The GameFi platform also features the PlayMining NFT marketplace, where players can spend DEP or fiat to purchase game NFTs and Product Placement NFTs. DEA aims to accelerate an inflow of advertising and promotion spending into the PlayMining ecosystem, stabilizing the price of PlayMining’s DEAPcoin ($DEP) cryptocurrency token and providing a sustainable Play-and-Earn (P&E) experience for everyone.

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