GPT-4’s Human-Level AI Status Controversial

ChatGPT 4
ChatGPT 4

A recent preprint has suggested that the latest advanced large language model, GPT-4, exhibits “sparks of intelligence.” While OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, pursues AGI. Many researchers and public intellectuals have called for a pause in AI research, citing potential risks to society and humanity. However, the usefulness of tools like ChatGPT and GPT-4’s ability to outperform humans in specific tasks indicates that AGI is near.

There are two ways to view the AGI issue: one perspective is that AI will eventually exceed human intelligence. At the same time, another considers the idea of intelligence as humans practice it in their daily lives. Where we are intelligent primarily in networks and systems rather than as lone individuals. AI-assisted tools can become part of our cognitive network, replacing and augmenting many current jobs and tasks. Whether or not AI is sentient or possesses general intelligence, it can be embedded in any part of our knowledge network.

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