Spacecraft GameFi Innovating Web3 Offerings


Spacecraft GameFi attracts players through a team competition form to participate in the game. A group of five people full of people to open, 5 minutes a round, top five will get different rewards and the opportunity to draw a blind box!

Players can invest in the game to buy virtual blind boxes, which greatly increases the enthusiasm for the game. This also creates market buzz and promotes the positive cycle development of the platform aggregation ecology!

Spacecrafts GameFi has a strong foundation, co-created by China Hong Kong Technology and PICTURE Foundation. Singapore’s Halo laboratory reaches deep strategic cooperation to provide technical support and jointly embark on the road of developing spacecraft GameFi. It is a growing part of the blockchain world and is getting more attention from game developers and players alike.

You can play games for free, earn USDT, or picture PT when you play Spacecraft GameFi. Players can experience gaming and earn digital reward assets through mining distribution!

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