Web3 And Metaverse Contributing To Indian Economy


The interesting challenge with digital is that it is rapidly changing. It used to be mobile apps, but now we have blockchain and Web3.

Unlike other zones of technology, Web3 and blockchain have been readily embraced by a lot of Indian companies. And it is not surprising to see some of the world’s most renowned media companies choose Indian blockchain companies. Many NFT marketplaces have their technical base in India.

If we look back at the Indian economy, we’ll see how manufacturing, agriculture, technology, research, and education contributed to its growth. India is not missing a beat to work its way into dominating the globe.

While technology by companies has been steadily progressing, a lot of experts will agree that the real progress lies when technology and its manifestations reach the common people. Web3 and the Metaverse have faced many obstacles, but also, by the right factor, have allowed them to grow.

This will start bringing in a lot of brands to the metaverse. Just like how we saw the explosion of Internet advertising over the past decade and a half. Above everything, one of the most promising features of Web3 is the fact that it is the closest we have ever gotten to complete and true decentralization. This decentralization would completely democratize access to the network.

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