Web3 GameFi Tournament Building: Player One Leads Entertainment Future


Game Space has concluded its Player One Tournament Season 2, which gathered OG gamers and gaming enthusiasts to play Web3’s AAA games, Oath of Peak, The Lost Land, and Bless Global. The tournament attracted 15,000 USDT tokens as the grand prize pool and support from over 50 partners, including KCC Chain, ByBit Exchange, and DappRadar. Game Space CEO Michael Cameron said the Web3 GameFi Tournaments are in the early stage, with one game per tournament, but they aim to make GameFi relevant in the Web3 space.

GameFi developers should prioritize creating a project that people want to keep playing while simultaneously creating real-world value for in-game assets, representatives of The Lost Land and Bless Global said. Game Space hopes to bring Web3 gaming into the scale of major Web2 Esport tournaments online and offline and showcase its impact on the gaming industry.

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