Gunzilla Launches Digital Economy Platform on Avalanche Blockchain


Triple-A game developer Gunzilla Games unveiled GUNZ, a blockchain-based digital currency platform entirely constructed on an Avalanche Subnet. Gunzilla will use it to create Off the Grid. It lets players play and plot through in-game choices. GUNZ tries to be the first crypto money generator for players in a triple game, allowing players to own full NFTs.

They will release more GUNZ-based initiatives in the near future. Gunzilla Games CEO Vlad Korolov said their collaboration with Avalanche gives them a chance to use blockchain that is both secure and scalable. It is capable of performing smooth gaming with low latency. They used them to develop a game that has everything they love. Our goal was to bring the stories to Battle Royale with a narrative game that takes the players into the universe we built.

The purpose of this network is to enjoy smooth gaming. So you only pay for gas in the game, and Web3 players get a good play experience. The Gunzilla team has worked for many publishers and studios, including Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, and Blizzard Entertainment Neill Blomkamp is the Chief Visionary Officer of Gunzilla. His screenplay has been nominated for an Oscar.

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