GameFi Boost Polygon Growth, But Bears Threaten MATICs Rise


According to CoinMarketCap, the price of MATIC increased by more than 45% over the last 7 days. MATIC-weighted sentiment also declined, reflecting lower investor confidence. The growth in GameFi was noticed, and it was interesting to see Polygon expanding its GameFi zkEVM polygon state. After a comfortable launch, zkEVM’s growth seemed to have stopped at press time, as evidenced by the Dune data. Per charts, the unique depositors are down in ZkEVM.

During the past 30 days, Polygon MATIC has witnessed a slight increase in daily active addresses. Polygon is delighted to have been chosen as The League of Kingdom’s blockchain of choice for their long-awaited Drago update. The dragon trees are preparing to spread their wings and show their potential. The hashtag is #inpolygon. It could help drive user growth at Polygon, increasing revenue in the coming months. Polygon is getting more active addresses now, but fees and revenue are falling off during the past week.

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