Polygon GameFi Blockchain Now Second Largest: Impact On Metacade?


Polygon’s GameFi blockchain has seen a surge in user activity, with a 53% increase in unique active wallets (UAWs) engaged with games built on top of it in March. This growth has placed Polygon well ahead of the third-ranked Hive blockchain and the fourth-ranked BNB Chain, securing its second spot. The rise of Polygon’s GameFi sphere is a positive sign for both the blockchain and Web3 gaming. It indicates a high potential for growth in player accounts and unique users per month. The growth of GameFi, including Metacade, represents a solid investment opportunity in an ecosystem that will continue to evolve in 2023 and beyond.

Metacade is a Web3 community hub where gamers and cryptocurrency enthusiasts can collaborate and communicate. With the overall appeal of GameFi increasing, Metacade is a go-to location for community engagement in the space, providing access to favorite games and Play-to-Earn (P2E) projects. Metacade’s potential to grow in value and represent a solid investment opportunity is due to its decentralized social hub, variety of ways players can earn, and overall appeal of supporting new developers and games. Investors and traders can gain access to MCADE, Metacade’s native cryptocurrency, which has already been listed on Uniswap and will be listed on Bitmart and MEXC in April.

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