PocketBuff Launches on Arbitrum Nova For Prime GameFi Projects


According to PocketBuff, Arbitrum Nova offers several advantages such as its ultra-low gas fees, high-speed transactions confirmed in milliseconds, and scalable technology. PocketBuff believes in the future of L2, and Arbitrum GameFire. The players will play as elite adventurers, come on an adventure to conquer gods and demons with friends and write their own legends. It has a full-time scene system that uses full-time light and shadow technology to render objects and textures.

According to official sources, PocketBuff has integrated with Arbitrum Nova, a leading L2 scaling chain. An AnyTrust solution, Arbitrum Nova is ideal for gaming, metaverse, and GameFi projects. It enables instant confirmation and < $001 transactions with minimum trust assumptions. Realistic 3D scenes, 360° free rotation, and real-time combat gameplay create a blood-pumping PvP experience for all mobile gamers! PocketBuff will soon turn to top game developers to provide funding, R&D, and publishing through its one-stop GameFi haven. PocketBuff has a well-known R&D in the games segment, and a good collection of AAA titles has been secured.

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