Tezos India and GoLive Games Launch India First NFT Cricket Strategy Game


Cricket Stars offers an unmatched gaming experience to our valuable users in the form of unique NFTs. We are thankful to the Tezos India team for powering our NFT marketplace. He said that cricket is more than just a sport; it is an emotion for millions of cricket fans in India. New Delhi, April 19, 2023, Tezos India, a leading blockchain adoption entity, announced a strategic alliance with GoLive Games to launch Cricket Stars. This homegrown cricket strategy game launches in the esports space for millions of cricket fans in India.

Cricket game players can play, collect and trade unique cricket-themed NFTs. We’re excited to work with the Tezos blockchain and cannot wait for players to experience the thrill of NFT. We believe cricket stars can revolutionize the gaming industry and cater to a large market of cricket fans in India. Cricket Stars Nft Marketplace is powered by Tezos blockchain. Users with Tezos wallets trade, buy, and sell; Tezos is a public open-source blockchain protocol. We hope this partnership will bolster our partnership to reshape the gaming industry. It has a self-changing governance system that allows continuous improvement while still maintaining the consensus.

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