Could Pikamoon be the Next Big GameFi Token?


This ecosystem allows you to buy Pikamoon NFTs with your $PIKA TOKEN. According to the Pikamoon White Paper, there will be 18,012 first-generation Pikamoon NFTs. Crypto token boasting the potential to be one of the best GameFi cryptocurrency tokens in 2023. Pikamoon is an RPG (Role-Playing Game) where players can explore and battle each other on the Pikaverse.

The Pikaverse is play to earn where you can play this new gaming experience. Your Pikamoon avatar will be pitted against other players in the battle system. Four different regions will be in the 18,012 Pikamoon NFT’s: Pikamoon, new NFT play to earn game exciting gameplay NFT elements, and a thriving marketplace.

Join the $PIKA revolution, and Pikamoon can become one of the best crypto presales thanks to its social media presence. Play to Earn, NFT, and got an audience on Twitter of almost 15k even though the game is still not in presale. Pikamoon Play to earn World aims to grow your forces by developing a team of Pikamoon NFTs. It will be a marketplace for purchasing virtual land to build their empires on the Pikaverse, buying in-game NFT avatars. This new project centered around $PIKA, Pikaverse’s native cryptocurrency.

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