Future Of Work 83 Million Jobs Will Vanish By 2027


Investments will assist with driving more generalist sustainability roles like sustainability specialists and environmental protection professionals, which will grow by 33% and 34%. However, the largest absolute gains in jobs will come from education and agriculture. The report says that education jobs will grow by about 10%, leading to 3 million additional jobs for vocational education teachers and university and higher education teachers.

The employment of data analysts and scientists, big data specialists, AI machine learning specialists and cybersecurity professionals will grow on average by 30% by 2027. Training workers to utilise AI and big data will get priority by 42% of surveyed companies in the next five years. Ranking behind analytical thinking (48%) and creative thinking (43%) in importance. Digital commerce will lead to the largest absolute gain in jobs. It is expected to be adopted by nearly 75 of surveyed companies and is expected to lead to Rise of green, education and agriculture jobs.

The report explains that investment in the green transition and climate-change mitigation, as well as increasing consumer awareness of sustainability issues are driving industry transformation and opening new opportunities in the labour market. Many of the respondents expect jobs creation from green investments. Governments and businesses need to invest in supporting the jobs of the future, including education, reskilling, and social support. While technology continues to pose both challenges and opportunities to labour markets, employers expect most technologies to contribute positively to job creation. The fastest growing roles will evolve by technology and digitalization.

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