SKT Metaverse Platform Ifland Users Can Now Create their Own Space


SKT expects that ‘ifland’ users would be able to experience a new form of communication in the metaverse by going back and forth between ‘if home’, ‘if square’ and special ‘if home’. With the introduction of ‘if home,’ ifland takes social networking to the next level by allowing users to design and decorate their own space, and share their interests and daily experiences with others in the metaverse, said Yang Maeng-seog, Head of Metaverse CO at SKT. We will still improve the user experience, update Ifland’s service, and add the economic system. Starting with Lee Sang-hyeok (Faker), a professional League of Legends player for T1 Entertainment & Sports, a global e-sports company, SKT plans to create more volumetric celebrities for ‘if home’ users. More terrains, more buildings, more stuff on if home decoration, more play items, etc.

For those who need a larger space for gatherings, ‘ifland’ provides ‘if square,’ which was formerly named ‘land’. The ‘If Square’ is great for large events such as lectures, performances, and concerts, since it can hold up to 131 users at one. If Home has global and korean versions, you can also use if homeand if home of Korean users andWith the addition of the german language, Ifland supports five different languages Korean, English, Chinese and Traditional Chinese. After their Ifland app has been updated, users can create their if home out of four terrains and six buildings. Ifland is a personal 3D virtual space that allows you to express yourself and socialize with other users in the world of metaverse. The volumetric technology of the ‘if home’ will allow people to experience the pleasure of meeting celebrities.

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